Welcome to US Proxy Server! At our server you'll be able to get around the firewalls that blocked you from visiting your favorite websites! Unlike other services, Our service hides your ip address so that websites cannot uniquely identify or track you. That way you can stay ANONYMOUS. You can also manage cookies to prevent monitoring of your network traffic. Surf anonymously, and safely with our service !

How To Use US Proxy Server Service

Type your destination url and click the Visit button. Uncheck the 'allow cookies' checkbox if you don't want to leave your personal information. Url encode option allows you to hide the urls you're visiting. Some sites use scripts to track your personal information. You could remove them too. Enjoy your online browsing to many social networking websites.

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US Proxy Server - Anonymous Proxy

Want to know more about how a web proxy actually works?

Normally when you browse to a website, your computer sends a request first to lookup the IP address of the address you want to visit. Once it has the IP address, the hosting server is contacted and the page is requested to be sent back to your computer. When you use a proxy server, the proxy computer is the one making the request to the website you want to visit, and ultimately relaying that information back to your computer. Pretty simple right? There are lots of reasons to use proxy servers but the most common is to circumvent network restrictions on workplace, education or public networks.

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